Friday, May 15, 2015

Video Day 1

Waiting for final run...

Andrew Contemplates the Deeper Philosophical Implications of Zip Ties

Taking a Break before Autocross

Car Jack Andrew Designed and Welded

Push-Bar Andrew Welded

One of the Best Times of the Day

5.3 and 5.4.  Possibly one of the best times.

Skid Pad Next

Waiting for Rolla Acceleration

Exiting Pit

First pic Andrew

At Speedway

Hotel and Oakland University SAE

Checked into a cheap hotel in Jonesville.  Talked with the guys from Oakland U.  They were rebuilding their blown motor.  Wished them luck and headed for the speedway up the road. 

Coldwater Walmart

In Coldwater Michigan.  Pulled in around 1:30am last night.  I made three stops between Bolivar and the Walmart parking lot in Coldwater.  I didn't see the need for a hotel when the three RVs I parked next to looked safe enough.  Good thing I brought a pillow  and blanket. 

Getting ready to head over to the speedway after a quick breakfast and cleanup at McDonalds.  I will watch first events, then find a hotel in Jackson. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Casey IL for gas and coffee

Feels like I will be good to drive all the way.  14 miles to Terre Haute Indiana.

Thursday - Traveling today to Michigan to see the FSAE Competition

Very excited.  Getting ready to travel 10 hours to Michigan for the FSAE Formula Competition.  My son Andrew is part of the team at Missouri S&T at Rolla.  This blog will be updated periodically throughout the trip.